Healthy Brain Aging

The brain controls many aspects of thinking and some changes in thinking are common as people get older. For example, older adults may have:

  • Increased difficulty finding words and recalling names
  • More problems with multi-tasking
  • Mild decreases in the ability to pay attention

Even brain changes like:

  • Certain parts of the brain shrink, especially those important to learning and other complex mental activities.
  • In certain brain regions, communication between neurons (nerve cells) can be reduced.
  • Blood flow in the brain may also decrease.
  • Inflammation, which occurs when the body responds to an injury or disease, may increase.

Also As we age, we are susceptible to a substance known as monoamie oxidase enzyme or MAO. MAO build up in our brains in excessive amounts leads to depression. MAO is vital to the body’s proper functioning but is harmful when elevated.

All this is Important for the product GH8 that we are discussing today.

GH8 balances MAO to a correct level eliminating depression. It is the only “safe” product capable of doing this without damaging the mechanism which produces MAO. GH8 is a mild, reversible MAO inhibitor, which means that it is extremely safe to use since it allows necessary MAO to perform when needed by the brain or liver.

It has a special ingredient called procaine. Procaine breaks down into the B vitamin PABA and DEAE which is converted to the B vitamin Choline in the cells of the body.    Studies have shown that a PABA deficiency can cause constipation, depression, digestive disorders, stress, infertility, fatigue, gray hair, headaches, and irritability.

The other part of the procaine molecule – DEAE – has been shown to have a definite anti-depressant effect.  Double blind studies by Carl Pfeiffer, Head of the Brain Bio Center at Princeton, showed that DEAE produces mental stimulation and mild euphoria, with no toxic side effects.  DEAE also comprises a part of two body substances most important to the central nervous system, choline and acetylcholine.  Both are known to be basic to the bodies stress reaction system.  DEAE also provides raw material for the production of cell membranes inner and outer layers phospholipids.

GH8 does the following:

  • Improves cell metabolism slowing the normal symptoms of the aging process
  • Gently dilates and cleanses blood vessels, improving circulation throughout the body
  • Balances MAO levels preventing age-related depression
  • Increases energy and lessens of joint stiffness
  • Restores balanced level of MAO preventing agerelated depression and low energy
  • Inhibits overproduction of cortisol which causes weight gain and cell damage leading to premature aging
  • Produces a sense of overall well-beingCall us for more information today.